Hundreds of people packed the intersection of Saratoga and Montana Avenue Thursday night. It was exactly one week ago that 17-year old Jamahri Sydnor was shot in the head there while driving her car.

Her mother, Q. Wallace says her daughter did not deserve this.

"Jamahri had goals and dreams. Somebody shot at my baby's head and snatched the breath out of her," said Wallace.

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Her mother, who has been with the Metropolitan Police Department for nearly 30 years, says her colleagues will bring her daughter's killers to justice.

"Somebody out there knows who killed my baby. Somebody knows who did it. I promise you the great men and women I work with are not going to stop until they get the person who killed my baby," said Wallce.

Thursday night, family and friends sang, shared memories of Jamahri and asked the community not to forget her.

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There is some good that came out of this situation. Jamahri's parents donated her organs. They wanted them to go to police officers or family members of police officers in need. They were able to save six lives by donating her organs. One of those was a patrol officer with the Upper Darby Police Department.

The Metropolitan Police Department has made one arrest in the case. They are still looking for others responsible for Jamahri's death. There is a $25,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest.