A driver survived after a tree fell on her truck on Military Road in Northwest, D.C.

“It scared me,” Aisha Jenkins said. “I didn’t know if it was going to crush the top of the truck.”

Jenkins immediately jumped out of the truck to safety without any injuries.

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“Praise God she’s fine,” said a woman who saw the tree fall. “It just scared us.”

Photos from the scene show the large tree tipped over onto the truck as Jenkins was driving near Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park.

Even hours after the incident, Jenkins was still on the scene, but not by choice. Her boss brought another car for Jenkins to drive home, but then this happened:

“My supervisor left the hazards on, and it won’t start,” Jenkins explained.

Her new ride was stuck on the other side of Military Road with a dead battery.

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The tree crash caused Military Road westbound to shut down for three and a half hours.