The presence dockless bikes in the District continues to be a point of disagreement among locals.

There are 1,400 dockless bikes in D.C. They belong to five different companies. Some people have argued the bikes positively impact transportation in the city. However, others feel the bikes have become a nuisance since they are sometimes parked in obstructive areas along sidewalks and streets.

The debate over the bikes received even more attention Tuesday when the DC Police Department tweeted a request to residents not to dial 911 to report suspicious activity whenever they see people using dockless and docked bikes on the streets.

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That message was a response to another tweet from reporter Martin Austermuhle, of local NPR affiliate, WAMU 88.5 FM. He posted a picture of a comment written on a Georgetown listserv. A person claimed that they call 911 to report people acting suspiciously whenever they see someone behind the handle bars of a bikeshare bike.

WUSA9 reached out to a supervisor in DC's Office of Unified Communications. That department oversees 911.

The supervisor could not immediately say whether the department has ever gotten such a call about a bikeshare bike. However, she could not rule out the possibility either.

DDOT started gathering data and public feedback on the five dockless bikeshare companies in DC in October. In January, it will start to analyze that information to come up with a long-term approach as to how the city will regulate dockless bikes.

In May, D.C. residents could ultimately learn whether the city decides to create parking zones or cap the number of bikes on its street.