Prosecutors and the defense gathered in court Friday for a status hearing, in an attempted to schedule a trial date for Daron Wint, the suspect in the May 2015 mansion murder. But the defense wanted more time.

The father of Amy Savopoulos had no comment when he left the courtroom, but he got to see the man prosecutors said killed his family.

His daughter Amy, her husband Savaas, and their 10-year-old son Phillip along with the family housekeeper Vera Figueroa, were are all tortured, and killed. The mansion was then torched. The couple’s two eldest daughters were away at college.

It was all done by Wint, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said they spent 15 months gathering DNA from 170 items recovered from the crime scene. Five items are a direct match to Wint, prosecutors said, including a discarded pizza crust he allegedly ordered while holding the family hostage the night of May 14, 2015.

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Although in court documents, investigators note the crime “required the presence and assistance of more than one person,” no one else is facing charges.

The motive behind the murders remains a mystery.

Wint once worked for Savopoulos and a $40,000 ransom was paid out. He was arrested about a week later traveling with a van full of cash. Wint pleaded not guilty.

The next status hearing is scheduled for February 2017.

Grieving relatives have a long road ahead. Because of a backlog of court cases, this trial will likely go to court in 2018.