If you’re dog’s been your drinking partner, you’ll have to find another buddy to help you enjoy that brew - for now.

The District is suddenly cracking down on an old ordinance that prohibits dogs in any food establishment including the outdoor patio at Midlands Beer Garden and Restaurant in Petworth.

“Why you would have to mess with the mood and spirit of this place for an old arbitrary rules that no one bothered to enforce before,” wondered one customer.

“Businesses ought to do whatever works for their business” said another.

“Dogs should be welcome in spaces where families are welcome keeping dogs,” added a patron, “on a segregated patio where they’re clearly removed from the kitchen is in conjunction with food safety regulations.”

While service dogs are allowed, one mom said keeping other dogs at home is simply a safety issue.

“I’ve seen a dog lunge at people and you just never know how a dog is going to behave,” she said.

So while managers suspect some anonymous complaints sparked the sudden scrutiny, they’re hoping for a fix so at least their bar dog –Andypants -can return to his home, which is a dog house in the corner of the patio. It is now empty with a flyer from the “health department” closing the house down.

“With or without being dog parents customers feel like the city should come up with a better plan,” said manager Wayne Morgan.

The D.C. City Council is working on emergency legislation to address dogs on patios.