Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside of the new Trump Hotel in an attempt to disrupt its grand opening. The protestors took the occasion to campaign against the man they believe is unfit to be president.

“No racist USA, No Trump,” demonstrators shouted.

The protestors filled the space in front of Trump International Hotel, calling for people to boycott the hotel and trying to spin the Republican candidate’s rhetoric against him.

“And we will build a wall against racism and bigotry,” they said.

Dozens of people stood by and listened, while others carried signs that read, “Stand Up To Racism” and “Danger: Trump With Nukes.”

“This is definitely sending out a message to America and to the world that we’re not willing to accept somebody who has said a lot of things that have offended a lot of people,” said one protestor, Claudia Delgadillo.

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One man in the audience was predicting a Trump victory on Election Day when he said, “it’s going to be so funny when they all have to deal with it.”

When asked about Trump’s millions of supporters, one bystander said they were “disillusioned.”

“I think that he’s tapping into something, you know, that has existed in this country,” the attendee said.

Art Harman, one of the few Trump supporters hanging around the hotel at the time, disagreed.

“What’s really at stake in this election is what they seem to be opposed to: let’s have boarders, let’s cut taxes, let’s get rid of Obamacare and have something better,” Harman said.