Within the last minute, about 20 people were physically abused by someone they're in a relationship with. In the next minute, about 20 more will be. That's in this country alone.

The largest emergency shelter in the District says the good news is more and more people are leaving those violent situations. But, that's leaving the shelter, DC SAFE, without enough food to feed everyone.

Michelle Sewell is the shelter director. She says the shelter usually helps about 6,500 people a year.

Now, they're on target to help 8,000. She says they need to raise $1,200 in the next two weeks, and they're asking for donations of grocery gift cards.

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"We're specifically asking for food cards, because families come with their own set of needs and ripples and complications in the family. Kids need their prescriptions filled, and with the food card, the family can buy anything in the grocery store," she said.

Sewell says women are leaving their abusive partner and bringing four, five and six children with them. That might have stopped them in the past, but she says it isn't anymore.

"Our partners are really helping us get the word out. We work closely with Metropolitan Police, they're on the scene, they see the issue, there're also more awareness in the community. Churches are also being more supportive of families," she said,

If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so by clicking here.

If you would like to drop off a grocery gift card or canned food, please contact donations@dcsafe.org or call 202-506-2901.