It was an interview between NBC's Chuck Todd and White House Spokesperson KellyAnne Conway that really got Amanda Fayer of D.C.'s 's brain going.

The Columbia Journalism School graduate says her reaction was, "a combination of complete aggravation, and just, incredulity and shock."

In the interview, Todd and Conway discussed the credibility of the White House's claim that the crowd size at President Trump's inauguration was the largest ever.

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Conway then used the infamous phrase, "alternative facts," to explain the White House's position.

Fayer decided right then she'd stand up for journalists and stand up for the facts.

She combined her marketing background, and journalism degree to create "The Factinista," a website that sells t-shirts, mugs, hats and bags with statements on them that stand up for facts.

In the process, she said she created a community of "factivists."

"The media are truth tellers and they help us and walk us through the most important moments in our society," said Fayer.

The 32-year-old says her top seller is a t-shirt with the statement, "Go Fact Yourself."

She gets her ideas reading the news every day. Talk about the EPA spurred "Climate change is real and that's a fact."

"I belong here and that's a fact," was created to support Dreamers. And then there's the Putin-Free collection, sparked by the Mueller investigation, and the "But, First Covfefe" mug, that quickly followed the President's misspelled tweet.

Fayer finds she's creating a community. She said it's borne out of a respect for what every day reporters do. Fayer donates 10 percent of profits to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

The year-and-a-half old business just hit a big milestone. It' s no longer just online, or at pop-up markets. They now have a display at the Newseum.

Fayer said people yell out to her on the street when she wears Factinista gear.

"This is something that it resonates with people, they like it, it's fun and everyone gets it," she said.

The Factinista also partners with college students who act as Brand Ambassadors at universities across the country, including here at American University.

You can check out her website at