Imagine waking up in the hospital with serious injuries and having no idea what happened.

Now a Northwest, D.C. woman and her partner are furious with DC police over confusion about what really happened to her.

WUSA9 discovered this story by running into the flyers and posters along the intersection of 34th and Porter Streets NW.

A DC police report says Cowan was found face-down in the middle of a crosswalk at 34th and Porter Streets NW at around 10 a.m. on Tuesday, May 16th. She had several injuries.

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When Cowan came to, she told WUSA9, “I was looking around and friends were there and it was just very strange.”

She was at George Washington University Hospital and said she already had metal rods placed in her upper arm. She had to get stitches over her left eye, suffered bleeding in the brain, vision issues and severe bruises all over her body.

Cowan remembers heading to the grocery story, but between that and the hospital…

"I have absolutely no recollection of that,” she said.

Here's where the frustration comes in:

"Yes, these injuries that I've sustained are the result of being hit by a vehicle,” said Cowan, when asked what she thinks happened to her.

The Fire Department's report somewhat backs that up, according to at least two 9-1-1 callers. WUSA9 found the dispatch recording for that day.

“Thirty-one medic, 31-medic I have a call for a pedestrian struck, 34th and 40th St. NW,” is what was heard on the scanner.

However, the police report suggests Cowan suffered a medical injury instead.

"I think that our police department could certainly follow up and ask those individuals who initially helped me,” said Cowan.

DC police told us the following in a statement on Tuesday:

“Based on the investigation on scene, it was unclear how the individual sustained her injuries and it was classified as an Injured Person to the Hospital. If there is any additional information as to how she sustained her injuries, MPD will make the appropriate updates to the case.”

Cowan's partner hired a private investigator trying to push for answers on their own. The investigator’s number is listed all over flyers posted by the intersection.

"I think that we all are responsible to one another in the community and I would really like it if someone come forward and apologize, would provide some sense of what happened…and I very much would like to meet the people who rescued me, 'cause I'd very much like to thank them,” said the recovering woman.

If you made that 9-1-1 call or saw anything that day, Cowan is asking you to call their private investigator, Angela Valdez, at (202) 215-6404.

DC Police want any witnesses to call them at 202-727-9099. Additionally, information may be submitted to the MPD TEXT TIP LINE by sending a text message to 50411.