A noise complaint is dividing a Chevy Chase neighborhood after a Memorial Day party.

A woman who lives in Barnaby Woods off of 31st Street NW says she was detained and wasn't given enough time to turn down her music, after police gave her a warning it was too loud.

“I think that’s a little extreme," said D.C. Resident Cindy Garo

She believes police treated her more harshly because she is African American.

In D.C. it’s the law that noise can’t exceed 55 decibels from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

“I really consider that’s important this kind of law, because it gives some measurements, people can’t do whatever they want," said D.C. resident Camilla Jattin.

D.C. resident Henry Beale said he wasn’t entirely sure what a decibel is.

“Well I know it’s a measure of the noise level, and I know that it’s logarithmic rather than linear, but I can’t translate any particular decibel level into what I hear.”

It’s not hard not to exceed 55 decibels. It’s about the same as starting a car engine. On the same street during the day, some house work exceeded that noise limit.

Even the patter of rain under an umbrella came close.

WUSA9 spoke to two neighbors who live on the Chevy Chase street: they didn’t give want to give their names and their opinons were split.

One person told us the noise from the party wasn’t so bad. Another said it was extreme and woke up their sleeping child.