There’s a new food truck on D.C. roads and it’s a family affair.

Two brothers and one sister from Anacostia invested in themselves and in their family dream.

Antoine Burton is on the grill, Torrey is front of house taking orders, and Bea – well she’s your typical oldest child.

“They have to listen to me because I’m the eldest child,” she laughed. But she knows when to lean on her little brothers. “I do listen to them too because for the most part they do know more than I do in this business,” she explained.

Burton’s World Fusion Foods started as an idea 7 months ago and on June 30 they finally took their show on the road.

The food truck offers a long menu known for its variety, like a mac-n-cheese topped burger. It was Antoine’s dream; to put his 20 plus years in the restaurant and fast food business to work and one day open a brick and mortar restaurant.

On a hot and steamy July 4 evening, he flipped burgers and said it’s actually alright working with his siblings, “as long as they listen we’ll be alright,” he explained wiping sweat from his brow.

“We have to crawl before we walk and we’re crawling,” said mom Brenda Burton, “they don’t know it but I’m going to retire in two years and they’re going to take care of me!” she laughed.

But seriously this business is all about family. “We learn even more about each other as siblings and family members so its helps with family cohesion,” said Torrey Burton. “Surprising enough we’re getting along better than I thought we would,” said big sister Bea Jones, “but I have learned a different side of them that they can be bossy and pretty demanding!”

They are learning lessons and building a legacy one sale at a time. “The public has been super nice to us and we’re pouring that kindness back a hundred fold,” said Torrey.

They are just working on their Twitter and Instagram accounts but you can follow them on
Facebook to find out where Burton’s World Fusion Foods will head to next.