A D.C. sergeant reunited with his father for the first time since Hurricane Maria ripped through his hometown in Puerto Rico in September, according to a tweet from the Metropolitan Police Department.

The tweet read, "On a personal note, Sgt. Raul Mendez reunited with his father for the first time since Maria struck his hometown."

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On Wednesday, nine D.C. police officers and their sergeant went to Puerto Rico to aid in the relief efforts. Most of the officers lived and worked on the island and many are still waiting to hear if their loved ones are safe.

Their mission is not only to deliver supplies and assist the Puerto Rican State Police but to give back; helping their neighbors, their family members, and their native land.

On the fifth day of trip, the officers were able to save lives in Caraguas, Puerto Rico when they were able to deliver medical supplies and oxygen to the elderly that ran out.

The officers said they plan on staying in Puerto Rico as long as they are needed.