A video of a D.C. high school student punching an adult passenger on Metro has sparked concern and debate on social media.

Metro police are investigating but said the assault does not match any reports they have on file.

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School leaders throughout the city are working with the Mayor’s office and Metro to combat student misbehavior on Metro.

WMATA has a “respect your ride” ad campaign even sends officers to school assemblies to talk about it.

Metro has a daily conference call with MPD and DCPS leaders to strategize about the commute home and keep an eye on any brewing disputes.

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DC public schools discipline policy states “any deliberate act that causes severe injury to another person…may result in off-site suspension and expulsion.”

At charter schools, administrators head to the streets in what they call Safe Passage, where they man ten metro stops throughout the city.

“It’s an extension of the school,” said Dr. Marco Clark, CEO of Richard Wright Public Charter School, “so whether they’re on Metro or a Metro stop its part of our responsibility to make sure they get home.”

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Dr. Clarke founded Man the Block which is set for October 3rd this year. The event brings community members together to keep students safe on their way to and from school.

“We had kids who were beaten with brass knuckles; some were robbed,” he said.

And if something does go wrong, school leaders work with other administrators across the city to identify the trouble makers.

“So, we can get to the root of it and find the appropriate consequence and get the parents involved,” said Clark who suggests riders who see students acting out take down the name of their school written on their uniform shirt and call school administrators.