A Northwest D.C. resident recently spotted a coyote in the Cleveland Park neighborhood.

Susan McDonald said she was driving along Upton Street, near Reno Road on Thursday, when a coyote crossed the street in front of her car.

"It kind of slowed down in the middle of the street and looked right at me," she said.

While the idea of a coyote roaming a big city such as D.C> may seem odd, it is not unheard of.

The animals have been spotted throughout Rock Creek Park and its surrounding neighborhoods for well over a decade.

The National Park Service said if you spot a coyote in the city, do not approach it. The NPS said coyotes are typically not aggressive toward humans, but if they feel threatened, they may feel the need to protect themselves.

An NPS spokesperson also told WUSA9 that locals should keep their pets on leashes. Coyotes have been known to hunt house cats and small dogs.