For one of our own, a former WUSA 9 colleague, his vacation to visit his 95-year-old parents turned into a race against Hurricane Irma.

"You know I've gone to dangerous places around the world. I've been to Central America,” said WAMU Reporter Armando Trull, he’s covered MS-13 gang activity in the heart of gang territory. Still, even for the toughest of journalists, parents are an emotional subject.

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Trull started become just that, explaining how he spent several sleepless nights looking at his parents as they slept with walkers by their side.

'I can't fail them,” he told himself.

Trull is a former WUSA 9 Reporter. We keep-in-touch online. He told us he left DC a week ago, last Saturday, to visit his 95-year-old mom and step-father in Miami Lakes, Florida. They’re seen smiling in photos all over his Facebook page, 50-years married according to Trull!

With one of the strongest storms in decades headed right for them, Trull said, “… Especially when they're elderly. Just convincing them of how hard Irma is was very hard.”

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His vacation quickly turned into a rescue mission. Gas, hotel stay, traffic, food, water, moving his elderly parents, it was all hard.

They make it to Tampa, Fl.

Google maps said that trip is about a three-to-four hour drive from Miami Lakes. Trull said the rush to leave south Florida made the trip even longer.

"I realize, okay we've got to keep going, but so did, you know, hundreds of thousands of people and so hotel bookings began to get hard and I had to stay, you know, while they were sleeping, I was looking at four-in-the morning on websites to figure out what roads I would take,” said Trull.

In all that stress, he still saw hope.

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“I do have to say that the American Spirit was very, very much in evidence throughout all our stops,” said Trull, “There were children on the road, giving away soft drinks."

Sunday, he posted from Pensacola, Florida. Trull had tears in his eyes as he told us about a hotel he found that can both sustain up to 200-mile-per-hour winds and accommodate his elderly parents and walking needs.

Pensacola is a nine-to-10-hour drive from Miami Lakes by Google Maps. It took a determined Trull some three days.

“I feel safe because my son is with me, and I have to say Thank God for the son I have,” said Oria Carrera!

Trull sent us a photo of Oria and Francisco Carrera holding a flower from a garden in their Miami Lakes home. They’re praying they’ll have something to return to when Irma finishes.