The D.C. Attorney General's office said investigators have removed 100 sets of remains from the Austin Royster Funeral Home.

At least a half dozen families struggled with the funeral home even as they were mourning their loved ones, investigators said.

Bounced checks, foul odors, and mishandled bodies are among the allegations against the Northwest D.C. funeral home.

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One man is still trying to get back some of the $53,000 check his mother's life insurance company sent Royster. The funeral home should have refunded most of the money, but the check bounced.

Dorothy Thomas died in September. Her family said the funeral home never warned them it was operating without a license. Thomas' daughter said a series of lies by Royster has left them unable to get a death certificate for her and unable to close out her affairs.

Barbara Ann Rue died in late September. Her family said the funeral home embalmed her, even though embalming violates her religious beliefs as a Muslim.

Her granddaughter said Rue’s remains are still in a "freezer" at Royster because the home has been unable to get permission to cremate her. She said the home emanates "a very foul smell."

WUSA9 has been unable so far to reach the owners of the home, which D.C. said was operating without a license.