Got pests? You’re not alone. Terminix announced Wednesday that Washington, D.C. ranks #1 for its 2017 Pest-iest State list.

And don’t sleep on this list either. Terminix also announced that their 2017 Pest of the Year is bed bugs.

The Pest of the Year is determined by the highest per capita online searches of any pests this year. Americans searched online about beg bugs more than 7.3 million times in 2017. Scorpions, spiders and silverfish were also frequently searched about.

According to the Terminix 2017 Entomologist’s Almanac, which shares information about pest-related searches and social media posts, DC’s top pest is mice. And, according to the Almanac, D.C. residents are known for chatting about their pest problem on social media.

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Is your skin crawling yet? Check out the full list below:

1. District of Columbia

2. Texas

3. New York

4. Virginia

5. California

6. Nevada

7. Arizona

8. Oregon

9. Georgia

10. Massachusetts

11. Florida

12. Nebraska

13. Hawaii

14. Washington

15. Alaska

16. Louisiana

17. Oklahoma