Another major delay in the Terrence Sterling family's fight for justice for their slain son, shot and killed by D.C. police.

Friday, DC Superior Court Judge Jennifer Di Toro granted the Attorney General's motion to delay or "stay" the civil lawsuit until September 22, 2017, more than one year after the death of 31 year old Terrence Sterling.

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In December, the family filed a $50 Million wrongful death lawsuit against the District of Columbia, Metropolitan Police Department, and Officer Brian Trainer. Officer Brian Trainer has pled the fifth in response to the civil suit.

The city has responded and in court documents admit to pursuing the motorcycle because Sterling was reportedly driving "erratically."

According to the court record, police blocked the intersection of 3rd and M Streets, NW in order to prevent Sterling from crossing the intersection. That's when his motorcycle sturck the passenger side door leaving minor damage. Police allege he "rammed" the cruiser. Officer Brian Trainer, who was in the passenger seat, then shot Sterling in the neck and back. He was pronounced dead at 4:54 a.m. onon September 11, 2016.

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The US Attorney is investigating possible criminal charges against Officer Brian Trainer, who is still on paid leave. That investigation is ongoing.