D.C. Police are searching for a man who hit three Metropolitan Police Department officers Sunday afternoon, police said.

It happened just before 5 p.m. in the 3900 block of Blaine Street in Northeast D.C.

WUSA9 found two cars damaged there: a police cruiser and a parked vehicle.

The parked vehicle belongs to a neighbor, who asked not to be identified. She showed WUSA9 her crushed-in car and the tire tracks left near the door’s handles.

“The tire tracks got because he backed, he put the car in reverse and he jumped the car. He literally jumped the car,” the neighbor said. She described it all like a scene out of a monster truck show and says this suspect did just about anything he could to get away.

First, the woman says she heard a bang ‘boom’ and then looked outside to see car racing in reverse, down the street.

By late Sunday, A Metropolitan Police spokesperson told WUSA9, the suspect struck three officers in a cruiser on Blaine St. NE and sped off.

The neighbor tells WUSA9 one of the officers had stepped out of the cruiser and ended up dodging the suspect’s vehicle.

"The officer had jumped out the way,” said the witness, “He was out of the car. I guess they were trying to, you know, corner him in.”

D.C. Police did not confirm officer outside of the cruiser. They did confirm a pursuit then began.

It went some 2.5 miles through city streets and ended in a multi-car crash in Prince George’s County.

Sheriff Rd. NE and MLK Jr. Highway in Seat Pleasant-area is where a D.C. police officer cruiser and one other driver appeared to suffer head-on collisions. There was a third red car up the road, also damaged.

Another witnesses at this scene told WUSA9 police were chasing the red car.

A Prince George's County Police Spokesperson told WUSA9 an officer involved in this crash was taken to the hospital. A woman struck was not injured.

Back on Blaine St., the neighbor told WUSA9, she spoke to the officer she claims jumped out of the way.

“I asked him if he was okay. And you know, he was a little, you know panicky -- pretty much shocked him and it would've shocked me too because your life is pretty much at someone else's mercy right now,” said the woman, who was also very upset.

"That's a lot of damage there, it is. It's an older car, but it's mine and, you know, you respect something that belongs to you. For someone to come around and just tear-up what you worked hard for, it's disturbing,” she said.

Police tell WUSA9 no members of the public were injured in the pursuit. Three officers received minor injuries. It’s not immediately clear if all three of the officers injured were inside the cruiser found on Blaine St. NE.

The suspect in all this, is still on the loose. Police say he fled the Prince George’s County crash scene and was last seen in camouflage pants and a black shirt. The suspect is described as a black male.

Anyone with information is asked to call D.C. police.