The two D.C. police officers who saved an elderly man from a burning home say they were just doing their job.

Officers Eldred Boria and Alex Cepeda were the first to respond to a burning home in Northeast, D.C. early Thursday morning.

“We started yelling to see if anyone was inside and sure enough we could hear somebody inside,” said Cepeda.

The home still aflame, the duo dove in. They said the smoke was thick.

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“It was really scary,” said Cepeda. “All you can see is darkness.”

The two found the trapped man on a chair. They lifted him up, but stumbled on the way out. Officer Boria was cut and twisted his ankle.

“We did what we had to do to get him out,” said Boria. “By the grace of god, we did. It was intense. There was a lot going through our minds.”

The two had to be treated for smoke inhalation. But they said they could not stop thinking about the man they just saved. He calls them heroes. But to them, a successful save is enough.

“It’s a good feeling knowing that you helped somebody,” said Boria. “It's a good feeling.”