A man has been arrested in connection with the fatal beating of a cat, according to the Humane Rescue Alliance. 

Sydney Stradford of 12 Place SE was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty after an investigation by the Humane Rescue Alliance Humane Law Enforcement. Officials said he was arrested Tuesday morning by the Metropolitan police. 

Officers spoke to a witness who reported that an adult brown and white, male cat was killed in the area of 2505 12th Pl. SE on January 23. 

According to the witness noises could be heard around 10:30 p.m outside. The witness said the noise sounded like a smacking sound. Stadford could be seen hitting the "Tommy" the cat with a wooden broom handle. Authorities were led to the body of the dead cat by the witness. 

Stradford told police that he found the cat sitting in his chair at the back of his home. He told authorities that he hit the cat with a stick to remove the cat from his chair. The cat then ran into a nearby parking lot where he collapsed. Stradford was seen continuing to beat the cat after he had collapsed. 

The necropsy report showed that the cause of death was due to blunt force trauma that resulted in multiple internal hemorrhages, a shattered leg bone, a fractured liver and a torn spleen. 

“The death of this cat is directly attributable to the callous disregard for life by Mr. Stradford,” said Dan D’Eramo, Senior Humane Law Enforcement Officer for the Humane Rescue Alliance.  “We will pursue the conviction of Stradford to the fullest extent of the law.”