Artificial turf fields in D.C. are causing big problems for some parents after learning more than a dozen fields failed safety tests.

Plans to repair and replace the fields are underway, and the city is focused on developing new procedures and testing protocols.

On Wednesday, the Department of General Services held an explainer and press conference to discuss concerns and questions around synthetic turf fields.

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The city tests its 52 artificial fields for hardness or something called GMAX.

If the GMAX numbers fall below 200, the field is considered safe.

However, if those numbers shoot up above 200, it could put your or your family at risk of being seriously hurt.

DGS explained the artificial fields were first tested in April and May, and the results came back in June.

When those results came back they found out that Janey Elementary School failed the hardness test.

The GMAX test failure was the first time something like this has happened with the city involving the turf fields.

Out of an abundance of caution, DGS hired an emergency contractor and tested all of the fields again.

This time the results showed 16 fields that failed that test.

Although the city did not meet with parents or community members right away, employees met with other agencies to come up with a plan.

The city put signs on fences of those fields affected in August.

While the work to replace remaining fields is expected to be done by October, first reports from the working group are not expected until early next year.