Malik Jarrett is all about his business. In the last year, his clothing line has become so successful, it's his only source of income. It's called "EAT" and stands for Elevate all the time.

"It's gotten to the point where I can take a couple turns and I'll see somebody walking down the street with it," said Jarrett.

While his business was on the rise, there was someone looking up to him.

"He started coming to my pop up shops and every single event. I kept thinking who is this kid that keeps showing up. I saw his spirit and took a liking to him as well," said Jarrett.

He's talking about 13-year old Carza Posey. Turns out he's got big dreams of being a businessman himself.

"I want to make 'Respect' worldwide," said Posey.

Respect is the name of Posey's own clothing line.

"I named it respect because I think a lot of people should work on respect and their manners and stuff like that," said Posey.

He makes some of his merchandise at a community center in Northwest called 'Fun it up.'

"It's just something that really touches me. I see at age 13 he just has a vision and passion of what he wants to do. It motivates me more to see someone at his age that's willing to take those steps," said Paul Winestock, who created 'Fun it up.'

Posey goes there to learn about running a business, but some of those lessons are also about what type of person he should strive to be.

"If you're not elevating all the time you're not making progress in your life. That means no matter what you do you will become stagnant and live a stagnant life and that's not a life worth living," said Jarrett.