The District of Columbia is a top destination for tourists, but it’s also on a list no city wants to be on.

According to the 2017 Terminix rankings, Washington is the 13th worst city in America when it comes to bed bugs. Just up I-95, Baltimore was worse off, coming in as the 11th worst city.

Terminix created the list based on the highest number of actual bed bug services from Jan. 1 through June 30.

The 20 worst bed bug cities are…

1. Cleveland

2. Cincinnati

3. Detroit

4. Las Vegas

5. Denver

6. Houston

7. Phoenix

8. Indianapolis

9. Oklahoma City

10. Philadelphia

11. Baltimore

12. Pittsburgh

13. Washington, D.C.

14. Tuscon

15. San Francisco

16. St. Louis

17. Atlanta

18. Tampa

19. Memphis

20. San Diego