WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The blizzard of 2016 landed in the record books because of the snow totals and now people are digging their way back to reality.

Many around the region are grabbing a shovel and getting to work digging out of their neighborhoods.

People put in a lot of hard work just to get out of their homes Monday morning.

Officials said the area will be dealing with snow all week.

Many roads and sidewalks still need to be cleared throughout various areas in the D.C. metro area. 

Plows have been able to clear up the majority of the main roads, however, many side roads throughout the area still remain in poor condition. Crews are doing their best to get the snow cleared from the area but it will take some time. 

In D.C., Mayor Bowser says all of the main artieries are passable and crews are now beginning to work on secondary streets. 

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Schools and jurisdictions in the area remain closed in order to give crews more time to get the roads into better conditions. In addition to the snow, ice remains an issue due to the cold temperatures. Virginia State police warned drivers that the roads may still be slick and treacherous due to all the melted snow that froze again overnight. 

Crews generally have up to 48 hours after a snow storm to get the roads cleared. Officials are advising residents to avoid roads if you don't have to be outside. The cleanup process will be faster with fewer people on the road. 

Authorities are advising pedestrians to wear bright, reflective clothing and to walk against traffic in order to see oncoming vehicles. In addition, pedestrians should not walk distracted (no texting, no earbuds etc.)

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