If you're feeling blue, boy do we have the cure for you! The dancing kindergartners are blowing up on line with millions of views on Facebook for Mr. Sorto's class at the Kipp Promise Academy in Northeast DC.

Edwin Sorto is on a national salsa dance team, but it's his kindergartners who are exploding on Facebook. He started the Facebook page with a dare: "Give me 500 likes... and I'll post another video." Now he has millions of views.

People have watched "Sunshine, Springtime and a Little Kindergarten Joy" more than two million times.

He's been on a national Spanish language television show and the phone just keeps ringing at the Kipp DC Promise Academy in Benning Heights.

Kipp is a non-profit public charter school focused on preparing kids for college from the earliest grades, and doing it in underserved communities.

The school thinks learning should be filled with fun.