Violence in Washington, D.C. did not stop to observe Independence Day. One person died after six people were shot and another person was stabbed overnight on July 4th.

Councilmember Trayon White joined WUSA9's Adam Longo on Off Script to speak openly about the issue.

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“When you see what happen last night, it's nothing new for me. As a councilmember of Ward 8, even east of the river period. We have a lot of social ills that face our community, and we have to put more resources in those communities so that we can ensure people can feel safe and live safe," he said.

A few of the crimes occurred in Ward 8 and Councilmember White was not surprised by it all.

When asked by Longo if the shootings were anything out of the normal, White said it was not.

“That’s exactly what I am saying. I talk to Chief Newsham today, to figure out where are the target areas and what is MPD doing," Councilmember White said. "We got together 32 men from the Brothers Huddle to the nation of Islam, and other men in the community to really see what the needs are.”

White said everyone is playing the blame game and there is currently no cohesive plan. However, he believes that if everyone puts “all hands-on deck” things will begin to change.

“Everybody has a responsibility," he said. "A lot of times violence is coming from someone connected in our family. So, when we act like it’s an isolated incident, it doesn’t affect us until it homes. And right now, this hit home for a lot of people in the district. “

In regards to Congress discussing the option to allow concealed carry permits for firearms, Conucilmember White believed that this would only make the problem worse for Washington and this conversation needs to be discussed and looked at from all sides.