This is a doomsday scenario.

It's just a projection, but the hope is it proves a point.

Global warming could cause the ice caps to melt. The sea level could rise by 12 feet by the year 2100.

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Below we have some projected D.C. landmarks underwater:

Nationals Stadium, flooded.

Projected image of Nats Park. 

Reagan National Airport, flooded.

Projected image of Reagan airport.

A lot of the National Mall, underwater.

Projected image of National Mall. 

"This is not a likely scenario, but one we think is increasingly plausible," said Benjamin Strauss.

Strauss is a scientist with Climate Central. It's the nonprofit that put this together, but the data comes from a government agency The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

"Really catastrophic for the coastal United States. Pretty much every city would be impacted. Even places that we don't think of as coastal like D.C.," said Strauss.

Strauss and his team made it so you could see this on Google Earth.

The visuals also mean real numbers. Sea level rise would impact most of the people in New York.

Strauss hopes the images speaks loudest to leaders.