A consumer goods giant stepped out on a limb with an unusual ad campaign and lots of people are talking about it.

Having “the talk” is sometimes about having conversations we don’t want to have but we need to.

Proctor and Gamble released a commercial online that blew up with more than a million and a half views.

Ashli Wilson played the ad in her D.C. classroom.

“It hit on police brutality. It touched on colorism. It touched on the N-word,” Wilson said. “Those are all things we've addressed in our class in different ways.”

“It touched my heart in the wrong and the right way because it is good that the parents are talking to their children about it, but it's a sad thing we got to go through that still,” Kammari Teeter told WUSA9.

Proctor and Gamble (P&G) is known for big-name brands like Charmin, Crest, and Pampers.

The company made the video to address head-on that while times have changed – racial bias still exists.

However, the ad is also getting negative comments on social media.

Some people are claiming that talking about race is alienating, but the company hopes it creates a dialogue.

“Every race goes through something different. So how I was raised it was probably different from how a white woman or a white man was raised,” Teeter said.

P&G knew this would be a touchy area for some people, but it felt it’s brands and advertising should reflect customers and what they’re going through every day.

“I by no means feel like Proctor and Gamble is going to solve our issues with diversity and equity through this. But I just think that we can use it as a jumping off point,” Wilson said.