A week after a pick-up truck ran over three officers about a dozen businesses in Adams Morgan joined forces to help the injured first responders recover

"Cracked his pelvis. He had pins put in yesterday,” said MPD Officer Chris Lisko.

He’s a bicycle team member and said his colleague, Officer Alen Bukvic, is still in the hospital. Bukvic, another D.C. officer, as well a DDOT officer all suffered various injuries when a pick-up truck slammed into the three along 18th Street in Northwest D.C. one week ago.

“He had cracked ribs which caused a punctured heart,” continued Lisko, giving us the update on Officer Bukvic.

Darien Gray saw the whole thing. He works at Madam's Organ and said the officers never had a chance. He ran to help after it happened.

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“Striking the officer here, ran over one here and drug him to the driveway over there,” said Gray as he pointed out exactly where the whole scene unfolded.

"He was laying there limp, no life in him,” Gray said.

“We talk to these guys every night, for hours at a time sometimes, 30-40 minutes at a time,” he said.

That’s why Madam’s Organ decided to do something. The business community proudly followed.

On Thursday around a dozen bars held a fundraiser for the two injured D.C. bicycle officers and the third injured DDOT traffic officer, Pamela A. Johnson.

Bill Duggan owns Madam’s Organ and got the ball rolling. He said his bar, Songbyrd, Black Squirrel, Bourbon, Columbia Station, Club Heaven & Hell, Grand Central, Johnny Pistolas, Brass Monkey, Roofers Union, Shenanigans, Town Tavern and Ventnor all participated.

He said he still doesn’t know exactly why this happened. One thing of which he’s sure: there needs to be more love.

"You know there's just too much hate in, you know, everywhere. As we saw yesterday here in the Capitol. It just seems to be permeating our whole society,” said Duggan.

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Lisko said he was just behind injured officers Bukvic and Richard Duranne. They had just gotten shift assignments and were on their way to work when chaos unfolded

He stopped by the participating bars Thursday to thank everyone.

“It means the world…it really makes you feel appreciated in your job,” Lisko said.

Owners and employees said they’re just trying to help out the people who watch over them every day.

Duggan said he’s donating 50 percent of Thursday’s profits to the three officers as well as whatever is inside the donation box and an additional $500. The fundraiser is slated for 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.