The community rallies to put an independent radio station back on the air after a burglary the founder says was politically motivated.

“This is a professional job. This was not a smash and grab. They cut the lines, they disabled the alarm system, they took the door off the hinges, and they took the security system," said Kymone Freeman, who's overseeing the installation of a new steel back door with locking hinges.

She said the burglars had to be familiar with the station.

The burglars took the station’s hard drives with all of its content and archive shows. They also took its broadcasting equipment that helps them get on the air.

“This was absolutely politically motivated because they left equipment of value and took what didn’t have high value but had our content,” said Freeman, “so I feel like the point was to erase our work and the contribution we were making. With this Trump administration we need to stay woke, as they say, and hopefully this is another opportunity for the community to come together and increase our cohesiveness."

Freeman and his team hope to be back on the air in two weeks. The station made its goal of $15,000 on GoFund Me in its first day of the campaign. The goal was increased to $25,000 to cover lost wages and increase security and at the time of this posting, they were just a few hundred dollars short of that new goal.