Bus Boys and poets prides itself on being a place of cultural diversity. That motto however, is not just for customers.

Andy Shallal owns all six Bus Boys and Poets locations. He's an immigrant himself who is upset about the decision to end DACA.

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"Many of our people who work in the hospitality industry are immigrants and without them we can't operate," he said.

Shallal says some of his employees could be impacted by this decision, but he's doing what he can to help them.

"We talk about these issues and what their rights are so people don't get pushed around who may feel scared by this administration. We pass our literature to our staff so they know what to do," said Shallal.

Shallal says it's important for people to remember that this country is made of immigrants and hopes Congress will do the right thing.

"If anything good is going to come out of this it's for Congress to act and say we are a country of immigrants, we have to protect those that come here and provide great things for this country and make this country what it is today," said Shallal.