Now you can bring your office to the park.

The Golden Triangle is hosting "Outdoor Office," on Fridays in Farragut Square. It's a chance to get some fresh air while you work, enjoy the weather, and sit in the sun or shade.

The park is equipped with tables, chairs, conference furniture, and super-powered WIFI, making it easier for people to work on their laptops, hold meetings, and be productive.

The "Outdoor Office" is capitalizing on emerging work trends and is sponsored by Comcast business.

"When you look at work trends, people are spending less and less time in their office and more and more time telecommuting, or working from a Starbucks or working from a shared office space," said Leona Agouridis, Executive Director of the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District.

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"I am a big proponent of being in an environment you actually get to benefit from. If you're comfortable, if you're not cooped up, I feel the creative juices really flow a little better outside," said Samual Betten from Baltimore. "For me, it's just a better environment to do that creative work."

Farragut Square is hosting a number of other events and activities on Fridays alongside "Outdoor Office." It's a part of their "Farragut Fridays" programming. These activities include ping pong, food trucks, painting lessons, and games.