Every year thousands of people run the Marine Corp Marathon. The 26.2 mile journey is tough. Christina Kuss' journey to get to this race has been even harder.

It was a life changing moment that brought her to where she is now. Her husband, Marine Corp Pilot Jeff Kuss, flew for the Blue Angels.

(Photo courtesy of Christina Kuss)

In June of last year, shortly after taking off with his squad, something went wrong. He attempted a maneuver, but ended up crashing his plane. That day, according to his wife, is just a blur.

"It's been tough. Jeff was our foundation and our support, but we feel like we're going to be okay. This country has wrapped us up in a lot of love," said Christina Kuss.

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Before her husband passed, he asked her to run the Marine Corp Marathon with him.

"I said no initially, I told him he was crazy. After he passed away someone asked me if I ever wanted to run a marathon. I said before Jeff died, no, but now I think I'm going to do it for him," she said.

(Photo courtesy of Christina Kuss)

Sunday morning she will be among thousands of runners who also have stories and reasons why they are running.

"It's just a celebration of Jeff and the man he was. He was a quiet motivator, he was an incredible man. This is something he wanted to do, so we are going to do it for him," said Kuss.

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Kuss will be running along with some of her closest friends, other Blue Angels wives. She is running in her husband's honor, but also for the Wingman Foundation.

The non-profit supports families of aviators after tragedies like Kuss'. The mission on their website reads "Never leave a wingman behind."

Kuss is raising the couple's two children in Colorado.

(Photo courtesy of Christina Kuss)