WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- After drawing thousands of visitors over the summer, the giant ball pit beach at the National Building Museum has closed and is being packed up.

The more than 650,000 plastic balls will soon have a new home. Dupont Underground plans to recycle the balls to be used in an art exhibition.

A competition will be held to determine how exactly the balls will be used. 

"The idea is that we're repurposing the same medium, these 650,000 translucent balls, into a space that is the polar opposite of what this place [the beach] is," Craig Cook, Director of Operations for Dupont Underground said. "So how would a designer or an artist or an architect respond to that challenge? That's what the competition would be all about."

Dozens of volunteers showed up to help Dupont Underground pack up the beach. If you're interested in volunteering on Tuesday, you can find more information here.   

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