Some bars have darts that patrons can throw. Others, will soon have axes. And no, we're not talking about guitars.

An entrepreneur is bringing the Canadian tradition of axe-throwing south of the border, where patrons can grab a beer and pick up an axe, hurling one at a bullseye target.

"I tried it once on a company retreat, and I knew I had to bring this to D.C.," said Steuart Martens, owner of Kraken Axes. "We have supervisors at all times making sure that everyone stays safe, and you'll be coached before throwing your first axe so you know what you're doing."

Martens is the man behind several prominent events in the District, including Taste of D.C. and Drink the District. Axe-throwing bars are set to open in the city, Maryland, and Virginia, with the first location opening in Washington within the next 90 days.