The mother of a D.C. firefighter accused of being drunk of the job is talking to WUSA9.

Greg Green, 34, has been with DC Fire EMS for 10 years. He serves as a medic in Engine 30 in Northeast.

On Sunday afternoon, he responded to a 911 call for a 3-year-old girl who fell from a bed. When he arrived, the dad and grandma refused to have the medic treat the little girl, claiming he was drunk.

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Sources told WUSA9 the firefighter was indeed intoxicated and is now the subject of an internal investigation.

His mother asked her son from his hospital bed and she said he denied being drunk.

“His people (fellow firefighters) thought he was OK.," she said. "They would have never let Greg go out on a call like that. What the people did to him was totally unnecessary. Who does that?"

Police say the firefighter was punched and fell to the ground. He was then kicked in the head repeatedly they say. He suffered a concussion and a broken jaw. Police are looking for the young men involved in the attack.