Don’t have a sled, but that hill down the street is calling you? Sledding is a fan favorite snow day activity and, if done safely, can provide for endless, all-day fun. It’s also a great way to engage your kids on a snow day. Here are some items around your home you can use to sled with the whole family:

Inflatable pool items

Blow up one of your stowed-away floaties, or even an inflatable kiddie pool, and hop on.


Easy enough if you have old holiday gift boxes lying around. Keep these makeshift sleds from getting too soggy by wrapping them in plastic bags.

Laundry baskets

Great for the little ones in the family. Pad the basket with towels or a tarp.

Lids of plastic storage containers

These tend to be slick enough and big enough to serve as the perfect sled.


An old tarp is big enough and smooth enough to fit several family members.

Make sure to choose items you won’t be too upset about potentially getting bent or ripped.

Now, as is DC tradition, go sledding down Capitol Hill: