Twelve-year-old Margaret Isacson is heading to the Scripps National Spelling Bee at National Harbor next week.

She's the only DCPS student to compete.

The Oyster-Adams Bilingual school 7th-grader loves to play soccer, sing, read and watch TV.

"I"m pretty excited, it's really new, but I'm also really nervous," she said.

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WUSA9's Debra Alfarone decided to challenge Isacson to a spell-off, using a study list from the Bee.

First word? Crustaceans. It took Isacson 10 seconds to spell it correctly. Next word, eucalyptus. Not surprisingly, Isacson spelled that correctly too. Then, she aced pterodactyl, churlish, clodhopper and quandary.

Now it was Isacson's turn to stump Debra. The reporter's first challenge was to spell constabulary correctly. Challenge accepted. But, Debra's luck ran out quickly when Isacson selected the next word, enervating. Debra added an extra "n." Let's just say, from there, Isacson beat Debra.

Isacson says she's going to study over the weekend. The preliminary competitions are Wednesday May 31st and the finals are Thursday, June 1st.

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Here's a little bit more about Isacson:

What does she like to do?

"I kind of like dystopian books, I've been getting into those a lot lately. I like superhero shows, and I've introduced all of my friends to them."

What would surprise people about you?

"I'm am only child and I have a cat and the cat's older than me. She's 14 and her name is Mooch."