With just three hours until dinner service, Erin Lingle was training a new bartender.

Tim Burt answered the call to help; so did Erin’s little brother and friend, pitching in for dinner service at Nido on Rhode Island Avenue in Woodridge for A Day Without A Woman.

“We have a staff of 15 or 17, 3 of which are male,” explained owner Erin Lingle, so for us to be closed for a day doesn’t have a big impact but we wanted to make a whole statement by staying open and raising money for women’s causes and that was key for us.

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"Women are getting 20% off because we make 80 cents to every man’s dollar and we are fundraising for Planned Parenthood. A portion will go to first pay the hourly wages of our female kitchen staff then the surplus to Planned Parenthood," she said.

Across town at Alta Strada and its sister restaurant Conosci at 5th and K Streets NW, general manager Cherette Williams helps on the bar.

She and their female staff members including the sous-chef were still serving meals but fundraising at the same time.

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“We’re donating 10 percent of proceeds at Alta Strada and Conosci to My Sisters Place, DC," said Williams. “The hospitality community in DC as a whole is very close knit so when one of us is down, we’re all down.”

In all, about two dozen DC restaurants that remained open raised funds for women’s non-profit groups they fear are at risk of losing federal funding.