Seems there's a dating app for lots of different groups of people these days.

You may have heard of the dating apps Christian Mingle, Tinder, J-Date, but have you heard of Sizzl, for bacon lovers, Tindog, for dog owners, and Farmers March, for farmers and people who love them?

There's a new dating app from a man from Potomac, Md. for people who like a little bit of reefer with their romance. It's called High There.

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"We're close to a half a million people on the app now...around the world," said co-founder Darren Roberts.

Call it Match for people who like Mary Jane. A dating app for the doobie friendly. The app aims to connect the cannabis community.

We asked people in Dupont Circle if smoking pot was a dating deal breaker.

"No, not at all, it's a turn on," said Gino Biagioni.

Melissa Washington said it was a definite deal breaker.

"For me, it would be. I'm not opposed to people doing what they want to do but for me, cigarettes, pot, I don't to smell like smoke," she said. has a dating survey from 2015 that says 70% of all singles say pot smoking is a turn off. On Facebook and Twitter, people were against dating a pot-smoker, 2 to 1, even though weed is now legal in more and more places.

That same survey says men are slightly more open to pot-smokers than women. Biagioni agrees and says it was an issue in one relationship.

"She's my ex-girlfriend for a reason," he said.

Roberts says honesty is important.

"I think right off the bat, one of the thing's that's important when you meet people is just to have something in common," he said.

Chloe Labbate and Dakota Shyface of Las Vegas met on the app and they're getting married in October, 2017.

Labatte says the app made it easy.

"Maybe one day we would have met further down the line, I mean, I was using a lot of other dating apps but I never really had any luck with them. We probably would have met through marijuana later on down the line," she said.

You may wonder how High Times makes money. Right now, Roberts says they are building a community. In the future, they say they'll allow advertising but it will be super targeted to what their users want.