Target, Sony, Uber, even Equifax…what do they all have in common? They’ve all been hacked!

We talked to Andrew Morris, a D.C. Cyber Security Specialist, whose worked in Online/Cyber Protection for the past six years. He said even he would be shopping online this Cyber Monday.

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Morris said there are just a few things should keep in mind when shopping online.

Here are his three tips for preventing getting hacked:

1. Promotional Emails:

“Cyber Monday you’re going to get, what, promotional emails and you’re going to see a lot of promotional links. Before you click on those links, you just want to hover over everything and look at the URL and make sure the URL is exactly the way you remember it."

If you see something different, then do not look at it!

2. Before you type in your credit card number:

“Even if you’re on a website that you are familiar with, before you put your credit card number into the website or hit the 'buy' button, you want to double check the URL bar in your web browser and make sure that its’ the website that you think that you’re on.”

3. Buying from a site you've never used before:

"Google a review and look for some reviews on that website to make sure that there are other people vouching for that website.”

One tip police usually tell people is to use less of your debit card. Even when it comes to filling up your gas tank, it's easier to dispute fraudulent charges on a credit card than it is a debit card.

Safe shopping!