The three largest school districts will start late on Wednesday after a winter storm.

Fairfax County, D.C., and Montgomery County schools announced two-hour delays.

But there's new anger about a delay that happened on Tuesday. Public schools in the District did not close.

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That's a big problem for DC's largest teachers union. About half of its members live outside the District where roads were worse.

On Tuesday night, they were railing against the call that delayed school on Tuesday morning.

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The e-mails just kept coming in to the Washington Teachers Union. Many teachers say they could not make it to work Monday.

Union President Elizabeth Davis says classes should have been called off. She knows many teachers live far away, since they can't afford to live in the District.

Mayor Bowser is defending the decision to delay.

For teachers, it was the timing of the call. The tweet went out at 5 a.m. Monday. The union says teachers typically arrive at 7. They insisted this time, it's the administration who's tardy.