An increasingly confident Hillary Clinton is offering rides to Washington on her electoral coattails – campaigning for downballot Democrats at an increased pace as polls show her with a durable, and possibly expanding, lead over Donald Trump.

In New Hampshire today, the beneficiaries were Maggie Hassan and Colin Van Ostern, locked in tight races for US Senate and Governor, respectively.

“What I love about Maggie is she is independent, she knows how to find common ground, and how to stand her ground,” Clinton told a crowd of mostly college students today.

As Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump in swing states remains durable, and down-ballot Republicans have struggled with how to respond to his candidacy, Clinton and President Obama have moved to try to give Clinton more allies in Congress come January.

Over the weekend, Clinton touted Senate candidates in Pennsylvania and North Carolina – prime targets for democratic pick-ups in November. President Obama has also joined in, bashing Marco Rubio and other Republican senators who have struggled to reckon with Donald Trump.

“When Donald Trump starts his TV network, I’m sure Donald Trump will be right up there giving interviews,” President Obama said at a Las Vegas rally on Sunday, ripping into a Republican senate candidate in Nevada who has tried to distance himself from Trump.

President Obama also endorsed 30 additional house candidates on Monday – including LuAnn Bennett in Virginia’s 10th district – a stark departure from four years ago, when many down-ballot Democrats preferred to have the President raise money, then stay out of the way.


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