An aspiring Christian rapper faces decades behind bars after intentionally running a man over with his car.

On Wednesday, a judge in Montgomery County found Ryan Salandy, 26, guilty of second-degree murder for a hit and run that took the life of William McDaniel, 25.

Prosecutors said McDaniel produced music for Salandy, and the two had a disagreement over the CDs, on Sept. 25, 2015.

According to charging documents, Salandy and McDaniel had an argument in a neighborhood in Clarksburg.

A witness told police that at one point Salandy drove away. But moments later, the witness saw Salandy return.

According to the documents, the witness reported, "seeing the same Silver sedan with the black male driving in the direction of William McDaniel at high rate of speed, and immediately leaving the scene after striking the victim's body."

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Prosecutors said Salandy didn't make the initial call to police - his mother did.

In 911 audiotape, a woman who identified herself as Salandy's mother tells a dispatcher she just got a call from her son.

"He accidentally hit someone in Clarksburg," she said. "My son was speeding and the person was - they jumped in front of the car to stop him."

She told the dispatcher Salandy had already left the scene and gone home.

"I'm on my way to get him, and we're going to go back to site where it happened," she said.

Police arrested Salandy at his family home in Germantown. His silver Saab, damaged from the collision, was parked in the driveway.

Ramon Korionoff, a spokesperson for the Montgomery County State's Attorney, praised the judge’s ruling.

“This is a senseless death where what should have been resolved in a contractual dispute ended up in a deadly crash. Now Mr. Salandy will have to pay the price for his fateful actions just over a year ago,” Korionoff said.

Salandy faces up to 30 years behind bars.

His sentencing hearing is scheduled for December.