There is a lot of power behind a gun.

Guns can be what stands between life and death, and that is why playing with one is no joke.

“Children being hurt or killed is -- affects us all really,” Mark Warner, with Blue Ridge Arsenal, said. “I mean there is no one that I know of that does not feel bad and sorrow for that.”

Warner said the key to preventing gun tragedies is educating yourself and taking preventative measures, such as using a trigger or cable lock.

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“You can either run it through the mag well like this. Some people run it through the barrel. I prefer to run it through the mag well,” Warner described.

Warner says you can also use a lock box to secure your weapon.

“It comes with either tumbler locks or a key lock or a combination of both. They work very well. This is actually used for transporting firearms to and from other states,” Warner said.

Other lock boxes are made to trick or fool the naked eye.

“This looks like a standard iPod charging station slash alarm clock that sits on your nightstand. However, hidden is a compartment for a firearm,” Warner said.

Homeowners can also use a gun vault to store multiple guns.

“It is very light, small, put a couple of guns in there and I can put it in the closed and it would be great,” Warner said.

More than 90 kids were involved in unintentional shootings so far in 2017, according to Everytown For Gun Safety.

“We get complacent. We think that we know everything and we slack off -and then bad things happen,” Warner said.