Children were caught in the middle of the chaos following a plane crash in Prince George’s County on Wednesday morning.

“This is a call from Clinton Grove Elementary School,” an automated voicemail stated.

It was the phone call parents had been waiting for.

“A plane crashed near the school at approximately 9:15 a.m.,” the recording said.

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However, parents old WUSA9 that it took more than two hours after the plane crash before they were notified of what was going on with their children.

“The only reason I found out the school could be on lockdown is because my son texted me,” Aysha Savage said.

Savage freaked out when she got texts from her son saying “ “Mom!! We’re on lockdown” and “you might not be able to come in the school.”

“My son suffers from anxiety so I have to get him out of the school,” she said.

Dozens of parents rushed toward the school which was beyond a row of flashing lights and police tape, but many of them turned away while the school was under a 30-minute lockdown.

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“At no time were the students or staff in danger,” the school told parents in a recording.

Once first responders deemed it safe, kids could leave with their loved ones.

“I'm relieved. He tried to tell me what he experienced and he broke down crying. Of course, like I told you the first thing I wanted to do was give my baby a hug. For him to talk about it was very emotional and scary,” Savage said.

“Pretty much really, really scared cause how I saw those flames and fire come up-- the thing is when we saw that it was just a scary experience,” one student described.

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