WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Two years ago, the terror group Boko Haram took responsibility for kidnapping hundreds of schools girls in a Nigerian town.

On Wednesday, the Nigerian military is confirming that one of those girls is free. Activists said she was found outside of the Sambisa Forest in the northeast part of the country.

Activists told WUSA9 that girl's name is Amina Ali and she's free thanks to luck and some diligent community members.

Emmanuel Ogebe is a human rights lawyer, whose work focuses on the atrocities of Boko Haram and for the last two years, on 219 Chibok school girls.

"Boko Haram abducted 276 girls, two years ago. About 57 of them managed to escape in transit. Now since the escape of those 57, within the first week of the abductions, no one has been found," said Ogebe.

On Wednesday, that changed. The Nigerian government verified a photo of one of the school girls kidnapped from Chibok.

One of their 219 victims is safe.

Ogebe said his contacts in the community are claiming the rescued girl. He said six of the other kidnapped school girls are now dead. That is not confirmed by the Nigerian government, but this is certainly a situation where we'll learn a lot more information in the coming days.

The Nigerian military released this photo of a man they say claimed to be Ali’s husband. The military identified him as a “suspected Boko Haram terrorist.”