It was 8:20 Thursday night October 13, 1980. Deborah Ann Brooks left her home on the 1400 block of Monroe Street, NE DC to head to the then People’s Pharmacy on 12th Street, NE.

It was just five blocks from the family home, but the 17-year-old was abducted and was never seen again.

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“We went to the same high school, I was in 10th grade she was in 11th we were very close, I saw her every day, and after that, I never saw her again,” recalled her brother Paul Brooks.

Paul Brooks has made it his life mission to find out who murdered his sister. The 17-year-old was abducted that night in DC, and the next afternoon, hunters in Charles County stumbled across her body in the woods off Sharpersville Road. DNA was recovered, but a killer was never found.

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“I promised my mother,” said Brooks, “she told me before she died her only regret was not finding out what happened to her daughter and I told her as long as I have breath in my lungs I’m going to find out.”

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Now, there is new hope with a set of new investigators taking on the cold case; re-interviewing witnesses and hoping advances in DNA can deliver the breakthrough they need.

“When Sgt. Minor took over a year ago he said, ‘Mr. Brooks, I think this is solvable’ I thought well where was this 30-something years ago? If there is anyone out there, who knows something? What if it were your family member, your brother, your sister - you would want someone to find out,” said Brooks.

Brooks has matched police reward for information leading to an arrest or closure in this cold case. So there is now $10,000 for any information that could help detectives.