Harold Garnett was killed in a bar fight early Saturday morning in Centreville, Virginia.

One person was arrested, but detectives in Fairfax County said a second person was attacked that night.

Two other guys are on the run.

It is believed up to 50 people witnessed the fight, and police are asking those people to speak up.

“My heart. My heart hurts. I don’t understand why they had to take my baby,” Josette Garnett said.

A mother’s pain poured from her eyes on Sunday as she came to grips with the reality that her son’s life was snatched away.

“He didn’t have to take him,” Josette Garnett said. “He didn’t have to take him like that.”

Police said Harold Garnett was at Velocity 5 Restaurant in Centerville on Friday night when some fight broke out in the parking lot after the establishment closed on Saturday morning.

“The end result was my brother being stabbed in the heart,” Samantha Garnett explained.

The 27-year-old father was rushed to the hospital but didn’t survive.

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“I didn’t want to believe it was real,” Jamilla Garnett said.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Mary Garnett added.

Harold Garnett’s mother told WUSA9, “I wasn’t prepared to bury my son. I’m not prepared to bury my son.”

Rumors swirled around what might have led up to the fight, but police had not revealed specific information.

Josette Garnett said her son was crying hysterically on the phone with her before going to the bar Saturday night.

“I asked him again ‘Harold, what is wrong?’ He said ‘nothing mom. Nothing. Nothing, mom. I’m ok.’ He wasn’t ok,” she said. “He knew something was going to happen. He knew something was wrong. He knew it.”

Vidal Cuchillas was found hiding in bushes and arrested on Saturday, according to police.

New information showed a second person was attacked, too.

Two unidentified suspects were on the run.

FCPD described the suspects as Hispanic men in their mid to late 20s with thin builds.

Detectives believe they were active participants in the fight, but are only suspects in the second assault case, and not in Garnett’s murder, according to a Fairfax County press release.

Garnett is remembered as a loving and kind person who liked to help others.

One video on social media showed him giving a man who appeared to be homeless some new shoes.

“Those are two different shoes on his feet right there,” Harold Garnett said in the video. “I just blessed my man with a pair of Jordan’s that were in my backseat because I don’t need it. He needs it more than I do.”

“That’s him. That’s who he is. He was a giving person. He would do anything in the world for you,” Samantha Garnett said.

“He made you feel like even if you didn’t know him. He made you feel like you knew him forever,” Jamilla Garnett, who is called Harold’s “twin,” said.

Harold’s mother had a message for the person who took her son’s life.

“I forgive you. I forgive — I have to forgive him in order to move on in life. I forgive him, but I want answers. I want to talk to him. I want answers. I want to know why" Josette Garnett said.

If you know anything, contact Detective Vickery at 703-246-7865.

The family has also set up a fundraiser to help with funeral expenses and assist with raising Garnett’s children.